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Nominate one of your fellow Lender Toolkit employees to receive a Power Coin by filling out the details below! Limit to one coin win per month per person.

  • Please enter your name.
  • Please enter your email so we can send you an email to verify your nomination.
  • The name of the name of ONE employee you wish to nominate. You must fill out a new nomination for each nominee. Remember, only 1 coin can be awarded each month per person.
  • The type of coin you are nominating the employee for (coin details below).
  • Please write a description of why you are nominating this employee.


Reward for each coin is 1000 points in Nectar (except Code Wizard, see detail)

Power Up Coin
Power Up Coin: Awarded to team members for providing quality customer service or receiving a nomination from a team member. When someone goes beyond for the company, LTK wants to match that energy for them!


PowerTools Coin
PowerTools Coin: Awarded to those who demonstrate proficiency in our company tools, products, and services.

Mindfulness Master Coin: The Mindfulness Master is awarded to those who actively practice mindfulness, both individually and on a team level. Engagement in meditations, chats, and mindfulness challenges are important, but actively demonstrating mindfulness to lift the team and company up are key.

Wellness Wizard Coin: The Wellness Wizard coin is awarded to those who actively participate in building personal and company wellness. Engaging in clubs, monthly events, chats, challenges, as well as putting energy into improving your own wellness are both key to us returning that energy ($) with more wellness opportunities for you.

Code Wizard Coin

Code Wizard Coin: The Code Wizard Coin is awarded to those who demonstrate true exceptionalism and innovation in multiple areas. An employee who has truly demonstrated something new, created something new, or shown innovation that improves our company or our service to our clients.

Receive two plane tickets anywhere in the USA, with limo service to and from the airport, and $250 to spend on the trip!