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Encompass Admins and Developers often need to find calculations, rules and forms that use or change specific fields or rules that may run into inconsistent or conflicting calculations.  There’s also a constant “back-and-forth” between multiple developers and admins about what each of them did in Encompass when they work within the same area.

BizRuleAnalyzer allows to search business rules very effectively by indexing all business rules in such way that it presents results on a single screen displaying both overall context and specific details of what needs to be looked at.  This allows admins & developers spending minimal time on figuring out where to look. In addition, BizRuleAnalyzer also offers several unique tools for Encompass Health, Settings Reports and Change Management.

By providing Encompass Administrators with an easy to use, yet powerful tool for analyzing all of the Business Rules they can more efficiently and accurately make modifications to existing Business Rules and create new ones. These gained efficiencies can allow for rapid diagnosing and correction of system errors.