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While Encompass has the ability to apply conditions to a loan in bulk with the click of a button, there is not any truly built-in way to automatically add conditions to a loan based on data entry. There are many use cases where a mortgage lender would want to have their conditions more automated.


The UW Conditions Trigger plugin in Lender Toolkit’s PowerTools™ is a utility that with very little configuration, can automatically add conditions to a loan based on any criteria a lender needs. By simply building business rules that modify the plugin’s custom fields to specific values, the plugin will find the condition template that the business rule indicates, and apply it to the loan.


By applying Underwriting Conditions to loans automatically and before the Underwriter has looked at the loan, Underwriter time can be dedicated to more important aspects of analyzing the risk of the loan and less common conditions. This can help loan processors provide more complete loan documentation more quickly, as well as expedite the underwriting process.