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A key component to working efficiently can be having access to data you need at the proper moment. There are times when Mortgage Lenders want to see loan data in the Title Bar of Encompass, or would simply like to customize the Title Bar to provide a more cohesive branding experience within their organization, however Encompass does not come with a built in functionality to edit the contents of the Title Bar.


Lender Toolkit’s Custom Title Bar plugin allows Mortgage Lenders to update the Title Bar of Encompass with any text or loan data they’d like! The Title Bar can show their company name, the loan number, or other loan data through a dynamic editor that is easy to use.


With the ability to customize the Title Bar of Encompass, companies can more easily differentiate between their different Encompass Environments, get quick snapshots of important information from the loan, or simply brand Encompass to better meet their business needs.