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When it comes to finding a field in Encompass, whether it’s a custom field, standard field, or virtual field, it can be time consuming and frustrating to figure out which field you need to use. Maybe you only remember a part of the description or field title, but can’t find it in the Custom Field List. Sometimes before you build a new tool or custom input form you’d like to see if a field already exists so that you don’t have to duplicate data entry. Maybe you’re tired of downloading EllieMae’s field spreadsheet on a regular basis just to stay up to date on all the fields that are available to you.


Field Explorer Pro is a Custom Input Form based plugin tool that allows you to easily search and review all fields in your Encompass system, including in the Reporting Database. The Field Explorer Pro tool can cut down maintenance time and prevent issues in building custom tools by allowing a quick search to ensure you’re using the correct field, or that you’re not duplicating a field that already exists. It provides additional details about the field, has an easy to use search and filtering functionality, and can also export the field lists to Excel.


By providing your administrators with a tool to easily search the entire field database for which fields are available and what their properties are, or if they’re in the reporting database, you can quickly gain back hours of time that would otherwise be used searching and researching. Field Explorer Pro is an easy to use and fast-operating tool that will always be up to date with all the field information you could ever need for administrative work in Encompass360.