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When beginning a loan in Encompass, one of the critical items for disclosing is to populate the Home Counselor list by clicking a button in Encompass. This is an action that must be manually performed and can be time consuming and a high risk item if it’s forgotten or skipped over during the loan process.


The Home Counselor plugin by LenderToolkit automatically downloads the HUD provided and CFPB approved Home Counseling Provider list for a loan based on the Current Residence of the borrower during the loan process. This tool removes one checklist item from user’s workflow allowing them to be more efficient and compliant. The tool takes the primary borrower’s residence information and directly connects to HUD to retrieve the list of approved and active counselors within 500 miles of their home.


Having a tool to automatically perform actions ensures data accuracy and compliance while also reducing processing time. Especially in a case where the tool requires no up-front configuration, from the time the tool is activated it will instantly work to speed up your processes and give your users a worry-free experience related to filling out the Home Counseling Provider List