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Automate and Apply Underwriting Conditions in 90 Seconds or Less with AI Underwriter™️⚡

By August 15, 2022December 15th, 2022No Comments

AI Underwriter™ collects real-time data from your service providers. Coupled with an easy to manage decision engine, AI Underwriter™️delivers safe and secure loan approvals, at scale. For example, your appraisal data is automatically evaluated and used to apply conditions to the loan.

Mortgage 1’s CEO had this to say:

“Lender Toolkit’s Digital Mortgage solutions have fundamentally transformed how we do business. Our profitability has skyrocketed and our employees have never been happier…Our underwriters are raving fans of Lender Toolkit’s software. It’s improved their work experience and my bottom line.” –Mark Workens, CEO of Mortgage 1

Mortgage 1 was one of the pioneers of Lender Toolkit’s AI Underwriter™, the only automated underwriting system that allows you to customize your conditions. Other capabilities include:

  • Production staff preview of conditions within 90 seconds
  • 90% reduction in manual conditions for underwriters
  • Eliminate E&Os
  • One-touch loan decisions means improved pipeline velocity, improved margins, and superior mortgage experiences

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