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Simplifying Encompass®: Introducing Enhanced Biz Rule Analyzer 

By December 14, 2023December 18th, 2023No Comments

At Lender Toolkit, we’re excited to announce the limited release of our latest enhancement today – the new and improved Biz Rule Analyzer PowerTool™! Designed to revolutionize Encompass® admin, this updated version addresses critical pain points and provides admins with powerful diagnostics and search functionalities. 

Solving Encompass® Admin Pain Points with Enhanced Search Capabilities 

The new Biz Rule Analyzer goes beyond the typical search tools available in the mortgage industry. It empowers Encompass® admins to swiftly and effectively search through business rules, calculated fields, and custom input forms. By indexing settings comprehensively, this tool offers a streamlined approach. It presents results that give both an overall context and specific details of the search. This reduces the time needed for review and changes of configurations. 

Setting Us Apart from the Competition 

What sets our new Biz Rule Analyzer apart is its user-friendly tabbed interface. This enables admins to filter search results based on detected instances efficiently. The most significant improvement lies in how settings files are captured, formatted, and stored. These files automatically generate upon the admin’s daily login and stored online. This ensures universal access among admins within the environment. Moreover, the availability of previous settings files for selection in searches enhances flexibility and efficiency in Encompass® admin. 

Upgrade to Expert Tier for Unparalleled Diagnostic Tools 

While the Free Tier of PowerTools™ offers valuable automation tools, the Expert Tier brings a suite of robust diagnostic tools designed to troubleshoot Encompass® environments. The combination of Biz Rule Analyzer, Code Wizard, and Loan Debugger allows admins to search, inspect, verify, test, and debug system components. Additionally, tools like Report Explorer, Activity Log, Custom Actions, and Audit Log assist in identifying errors and performance issues within Encompass®. 

Elevate Your Encompass® Administration 

In conclusion, the new Biz Rule Analyzer is a game-changer for Encompass® admins seeking specific field-related system settings. It streamlines troubleshooting, ensures planned changes don’t conflict with existing configurations, and enhances the overall Encompass® admin experience. 

Leverage the power of our enhanced Biz Rule Analyzer today and take your Encompass® admin to new heights! 

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements from Lender Toolkit as we continue to change the mortgage industry with cutting-edge solutions.